The Magpie Group


The Magpie Group was formed in July 2018 following a number of discussions between various Newcastle United fan groups, organisations, and social media accounts.

Prior to the original meetings, Newcastle had gone through yet another transfer window where minimal expenditure ensued and this could have subsequently put the club at risk of relegation. Thanks to the efforts of Rafael Benitez, the coaching staff, squad and supporters this was avoided and the storm that was brewing slowly passed.

At the end of the season a banner was unfurled claiming “Where there is Unity, there is always victory” and in fairytale fashion Newcastle dispatched the champions of the 2016/’17 season with a great deal of comfort.

Despite this, that same unity was about to be put to the test at boardroom level, and a club that was pushing in the same direction, was at risk of being pulled apart once again. This resulted in the social media campaign “If Rafa Goes We Go” following growing concerns that an agreement couldn’t be reached between Mr. Benitez and the owner.

This concern was shared by the majority of the Newcastle United support and consequently, the groups reconvened to discuss how they could help the club to realise its full potential.

Representatives of True Faith,, ToonNetwork, NUST, NUFC Fans United, #IfRafaGoesWeGo, Wor Flags and Wor Hyem were present and it was agreed that in order to be successful, strength would best be found in numbers.

It was decided that, as a collective force we would be a lot stronger, and utilising one another, our knowledge and skill we could hopefully provide a larger impact on the club and its ability to fulfill its true potential. This has begun with not only the immediate desire to remove Mike Ashley as owner, but in particular, to protect the club in its position at the heart of the community for future generations.

Please feel free to contact us, or any of the specific groups listed above via their respective links, should you have any queries or questions.


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