The Magpie Group
25th October 2018

London Magpie Group

London Magpie Group are a newly-formed collective of Newcastle United supporters living in London. We encourage any southern based supporters to promote and join their upcoming protest activities, Here's what they told us:

As lifelong fans born and raised in Newcastle it’s been heart-breaking and frustrating to see the struggles we’ve had with our current owner lurching from one disaster to another due to his neglect, and his total disregard for what the club means in the local community.

He has embarrassed us time and time again with dubious & inadequate appointments, failure to invest in every aspect of the club and the outright contempt he’s shown for us supporters and the club in general which has resulted in two relegations and counting.

We are totally behind what The Magpie Group stands for and we all have a common goal - to get rid of Ashley and his associates once and for all. Although we were set up only a few days ago, we’ve used our contacts to secure a meeting at the Houses of Parliament to meet with Chi Onuwura MP on Thursday 25th October 2018 at 1.30pm and Ian Lavery MP on Tuesday 30th October 2018 at 2pm. Both have been receptive to hearing our gripes and more importantly our plans for action. It’s often said the media in the UK is London-centric so we aim to use this to our advantage by staging peaceful protests/demonstrations down here aimed at direct action disrupting Ashley's businesses which will hopefully get more national press attention. We’ll be asking both MPs for their input and assistance in these matters.

We’re all in this together and we firmly believe that despite the poor run of form of the team, collectively we can make a difference to the long-term future of our club. We need to have everyone working together as this is just the start of action down here and we’d love to call on others to be as effective as possible from the off.

Many thanks,

London Magpie Group


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